About Us


ETS enhances and supports the UC Berkeley academic experience by providing essential, responsive and innovative technology services.

Strategic Principles

ETS uses the following principles to guide decisions, resource allocation and planning:

  • Be a responsive service organization with clearly defined and aligned service portfolio

  • Be a great campus partner and demonstrate our value to stakeholders

  • Achieve a strategic balance between enterprise and targeted services

Reporting and Governance

ETS reports to Catherine Koshland,  Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and the Office of the CIO, Chief Information Officer, Larry Conrad.  

ETS participates in two governance or campus-driven guidance and oversight structures. The first is the campus-wide program called IT Governance. Coordinated through the OCIO, this series of committees seeks the input of leadership and contributors  across the organization to help guide IT practices, policies, and technology decisions that impact the campus. ETS maintains a presence on the following IT Governance committees: Research, Teaching and Learning Technologies Committee (RTLTC), and IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (ITAIC).

Additionally, we also manage an internal-focused User Advisory Group (UAG). This body functions as a complement to the IT Governance bodies and provides ETS specific feedback and guidance. The UAG generally focuses on decisions outside the scope of the larger campus-wide committees. The UAG is comprised of a cross section of campus including instructors, graduate student instructors (GSIs), students, staff, and administrators.

Communities & Partners

ETS believes in open partnerships, communities, and systems. We strive to create collaboration points across campus and across higher education to improve user experience and better support teaching and learning. Partners include:

Center for Teaching and Learning

Research Information Technologies,

Berkeley Library

Digital Humanities Project

Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education

bConnected/Content and Collaboration

ETS 2016-2017 Goals

Goals Status Report. Updated Quarterly

*Last updated October 24, 2016