Introducing SuiteC

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Schools interested in using SuiteC within their Canvas environment should contact:

UC Berkeley Instructors:  SuiteC tools are available for use within bCourses. Visit ETS' SuiteC Service Page to learn more.

The Tools

SuiteC currently offers three tools designed to increase engagement, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of course materials.

Introducing SuiteC

SuiteC is a set of LTI-compliant tools optimized to work with the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Featuring a highly intuitive user experience, the broader goal is to support, increase, and track student engagement. The tools provide a new student-centered means to organize and access course content, such as PDFs, videos, and other media, while incorporating social features such as commenting and liking. SuiteC also provides a space inside the LMS where students can collaborate with one another in real-time utilizing course content, as well as their own uploads to facilitate a number of digital learning activities, including: composing multimodal blogs, concept mapping, generating media timelines, brainstorming and creating visual outlines for papers. The tools also allow for tagging and filtering media content, which enables students to revisit content easily from across a course, aiding in synthesizing and reviewing course material over time. Instructors can in turn quickly gain a high-level sense of student participation and activity in a course.

SuiteC is the result of a multi-year project partnership among UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education its Educational Technology Services team, and the University of California Office of the President aimed at  expanding the digital teaching and learning opportunities in the LMS environment.  

Asset Library

The Asset Library is a place where students can share materials and inspiration and discuss and engage with other students' contributions.


The Whiteboard offers users a digital canvas-like space where uploaded media, text, graphics, and more can be combined into something new to enhance students understanding and interaction with course materials.

Engagement Index

The Engagement Index provides insight into student participation and a leaderboard for tracking engagement.

Asset Library Demo

Asset Library Demo

Whiteboard Demo

Whiteboard Demo1

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