Moffitt Instructional Computer Facility


40 Dells
Windows 10
Includes 1 instructor workstations with ceiling mounted projector 
Includes 1 ADA compliant workstations

This computer facility is in an open space (not a room). It is next to the Moffitt Makerspace.  The computers are equipped with graphics capabilities especially well-suited for 3D design, 3D printing, VR, etc.
Because the lab is located inside the Moffitt Library, your students will need to be able to show a Cal ID in order to get access into the Library. Please contact if you would like to schedule a tour. 

Reservations Available

Reservations are available for this facility. Please see the Computer Facility Classrooms and Reservations page for more details.

Please see the calendar below for weekly adjustments to the general hours.