Instructional Computer Facilities

About Instructional Computer Facilities

Instructional Computer Facilities offer Berkeley instructors as well as campus and local groups “computer classrooms” which can be scheduled for a semester or as needed for computer/software related instruction.

The Instructional Computer Facilities provide an easy location for groups who need a space with up-to-date computers and software to lead instruction or group collaboration. Our Instructional Facilities are great for instructors and departments looking for a computer-classroom for short-term or semester long use. We also work to accommodate off-campus groups who can benefit from accessible computers and a space to facilitate learning.

These facilities are a perfect space for:

  • A class that requires the use of specific software to complete work

  • Departmental training programs

  • Campus Associated groups with a need for a computing space

Who can reserve a computer facility?

UC Berkeley Academic courses

  • Must have a Course Control Number
  • DeCals included

UC Berkeley staff training

  • Attendees must be UC Berkeley Staff or Faculty

Departmental sponsor events

Individuals and outside organization events

  • all other events

How do you reserve a computer facility?

After reading the above policy that applies to your group, you must complete the following to schedule a reservation:

  1. Read our reservation Rates and Policies.
  2. Select your preferred computer facility location based on available days and times (see below).
  3. Reserve a classroom using our Reservation Request Form.
  4. Provide to us any specialized software that you have requested to use on media with installation instructions and proof of licensing at least three weeks before the first reservation.
  5. Test login, software, and settings one week before the first reservation.

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