DIY Media

About DIY Media Service

The Do-It-Yourself Media Service is intended to support instructors looking to add video to their teaching techniques. Instructors can use these facilities to create video content for online lectures, flipped classroom activities, blended learning materials, tutorial videos and more.

The service includes:

  • DIY Media Studios (formerly known as  "Micro Studios"). There is currently a single studio in Dwinelle Hall. The studio is equipped with HD cameras, professional lighting, multiple backdrops, pen tablets and a wide array of screen capture and video software. It’s easy to use and ready for action. (We hope to announce the opening of a second studio soon. Details forthcoming!)

  • DIY Media Workstations, located in the Academic Innovation Studio in Dwinelle Hall. These have a range of editing tools and can be used to edit media content whether captured in our Studios or obtained by other means.

  • Staff to provide basic orientation to the available tools and resources for learning on your own.

  • We also provide consultations for those that that need guidance on such topics as video strategy, workflow development, tool selection, and distribution options; please use our consultation calendar to schedule a DIY Media consultation (limited availability).

Please see our Getting Started page for additional information.