Students Getting Started

Student will receive an email with links and instructions to their campus email address when it is time to complete an evaluation. Reminder emails will also be sent if an evaluation hasn't been completed. Instructors do not have access to portion of the system and do not send out the request or reminder emails.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Are my responses to course evaluation questions anonymous?

Responses are confidential but not anonymous as access to the evaluation system requires authentication into our campus systems. Instructors and department staff will not be able to identify student responses; only the chief campus system administrator has the ability to access back-end data.

What types of questions will be asked?

Both qualitative and quantitative questions are included in the standard, editable forms. When a department chooses to do so, students will also have an opportunity to provide advice to other students considering taking the said course. Whether the student-to-student question is asked and shared publicly with other students is at the discretion of the department.

Will students be able to opt out of completing online course evaluations?

Yes, students will be able to opt out of completing the evaluations, as has always been the case. However, the campus strongly encourages students to complete any evaluation of their experience thoughtfully as such instruments provide us with valuable feedback that can improve student life and learning.

Are students currently required to complete evaluations?

No, but they are strongly encouraged to provide feedback that will inform and improve the teaching on our campus.

How will I benefit from spending my time completing evaluations?

The campus continually seeks ways to hear student voices that will inform what happens in our classrooms. Course evaluations are one way for you to drive your own learning experience at Berkeley.