Course Capture

COVID-19 impacts on Course Capture

The Course Capture service will be offered to in-person classes in Spring 21. While many are continuing to have fully-remote instruction, we are encouraging you to take advantage of the virtual consultation services offered by Research Teaching and Learning (RTL). The team is there to support you as best as possible as you transition in a virtual environment. We offer individual virtual consultations with staff who can help guide you on best practices and technical tools. Read more about remote instruction and best practices

About Course Capture

Berkeley's Course Capture (webcast) service offers instructors audio and/or video recording services for their courses. Course Capture is available in a subset of the General Assignment classrooms. Integrated with bCourses, recorded courses are intended to enhance the learning experience by providing a review tool for students. 

Instructors have the ability to change the way students engage with their classes by allowing for their lectures to be published online for access outside of the classroom. The Course Capture service takes care of recording daily lectures so that all instructors have to do is walk in, turn on their mic and connect their laptop to the projector, and teach the class.

A catalog of Course Capture recordings from previous completed semesters and years can be found at (CAS/CalNet Authentication Required).

For the past decade, our Course Capture system infrastructure has been based on the OpenCast Video Solution and we relied on YouTube for publishing. In Fall '20, we have replaced OpenCast and YouTube with an enterprise lecture capture and media management system called Kaltura


In order to use the Course Capture service, you must be in a room that is Course Capture capable. Please filter for Feature: Course Capture Capable.

For more information on how to sign up, please visit our instructor getting started page