Students Getting Started

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Students Get Started with Clickers 

Students, if your instructor is using iClicker you’ll want to do three things to be sure to earn all credit possible during the semester:

1. Obtain an iClicker remote if you don't already have one.

Options for getting iClickers:

  • You can buy or rent a new or used iClicker at the Cal Student Store.
  • Other bookstores (brick-and-mortar or online) also carry iClickers.
  • The ASUC has a limited number of iClickers each semester that they rent for $5. (Check the ASUC Facebook page on or around the first day of instruction.)
  • EOP has a limited number of iClickers to loan to EOP students. Please visit the EOP office in 119 Chavez or call 510.642.7224 for more information.  
  • You may be able to find a used iClicker on the "Free & For Sale" Berkeley Facebook group.
  • You can share an iClicker remote with a friend or roommate as long as you do not need it for the same course, and, obviously, as long as the courses requiring clickers occur at different times.

Any iClicker device will work: the original iClicker (no longer available new), the iClicker +, or the iClicker 2. (The only exception to this is if your instructor has specifically said you *must* use an iClicker 2, since it has some advanced options.) 

You can use one iClicker for all courses that require an iClicker remote.

You should not loan your iClicker  to another student in a course in which you are using that iClicker. 

Note: some instructors may enable iClicker REEF in their iClicker software, allowing students to use the iClicker REEF app (with paid subscription) on a smart phone, instead of purchasing an iClicker remote. Enabling this option (and keeping it enabled) is at the discretion of the instructor. If you download the REEF app, make sure to take advantage of the free 14-day trial to ensure that your instructor will allow REEF use throughout the semester, before you pay for a subscription. The Student ID you enter in your REEF Profile should be your UID (which you can find if you look yourself up in the campus directory), not your SID. 

2. Register your iClicker remote in your bCourses class site.

Once you have your iClicker remote in hand, it’s time to register it in your bCourses class site.

  1. Log into your bCourses class site.
  2. Click the "iClicker registration" tab, on the left navigation bar. (If you do not see this tab, you will need to wait until your instructor has enabled it.)
  3. Follow the registration instructions on the screen.

Please be sure to register your remote in bCourses following the instructions above. Do not try to register at the iClicker vendor website, unless your instructor has specifically said to register at If you have multiple courses using clickers, and one instructor says to register at bCourses and another says to register at, you must register in both places.

It’s important that you register your iClicker remote as early as possible. It will make it easier for your instructor to be sure that you are participating in the classroom polls, and award you the credit you’ve earned.

If you have an iClicker remote that you last registered in bCourses prior to May 4, 2018, you must re-register that clicker in bCourses.

Note: If you are using the iClicker Reef app, you do not register in bCourses. Instead, you add the course in the Reef app.

3. Bring your working iClicker remote to each class meeting and be sure it's working.

It’s your responsibility to bring your iClicker remote to each class meeting, so that you can participate in the class polls. It’s also your responsibility to keep a spare set of batteries in your backpack.

You should also be sure your participation is being recorded: With an iClicker + (or original iClicker remote), you will see a green light  if your vote was received, and a red light if it wasn't. With an iClicker 2, you'll see a "NO BASE" message when you click if your vote wasn't received.

Note: if you are using the iClicker Reef app AND an iClicker, you can only use one or the other in any one class session. If you try to use them both, you may not get points. 

Having problems? See our help page:  Student troubleshooting for iClickers