Instructors Getting Started

Instructors Get Started with Classroom Tech Support

If you are new to campus, new to a classroom, or would like refresher on using classroom related technology, we can help.

Before the Start of the Semester

  • Once you receive your classroom assignment, visit our Classroom Info Database to review the equipment available in the room as well as user guides.

  • Schedule a classroom orientation to learn how to use the technology in your assigned classroom.  Please note we are not able to schedule orientations during the first 2 weeks of classes due to the volume of semester startup activities.

    • Not enough time? Check out our video tutorial below.

Assigned to a departmental space? We can still help. Schedule an orientation with us to learn the basics on how to setup your laptop/tablet for projection.

During the Semester

  • Experience any issue? Give us a call and our staff can solve the problem and let you get back to teaching: 510-643-8637

  • Reporting an issue after the fact?  Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible: 

  • If you are teaching in one of our 4 major auditoriums, and you utilize our Course Capture service, you will have the option to hire a student camera operator.

How to use a Black Box at UC Berkeley