Instructors Getting Started

New A/V Capabilities for Fall 2021

  • Zoom in Your Classroom
    • Good option for synchronous instruction with in-person and remote students
    • A select number of classrooms will be equipped to allow you to seamlessly use the video camera, microphone, and speakers in your classroom with your Zoom (or other video conferencing solution) session on your laptop
    • Schedulers: Search for "15: AV-Video Conference Capable"
  • Video Cameras (without operators) Available in More Classrooms
    • We are adding video cameras to a number of classrooms to allow for more flexibility in capturing instructional material. Classrooms with newly installed cameras will allow instructors to use the classroom touch panel to select a camera preset during a Course Capture recording or Zoom video conferencing session.
    • Schedulers: Search for "14: AV-Camera without Operator"
    • For more information, see the Presentor+Presentation Recording (no operator) section in the Course Capture service page
  • Expansion of Course Capture Capable Rooms
    • To offer greater flexibility, we have nearly doubled our Course Capture capable rooms from around 60 to around 110. The 50 rooms received improvements that allowed them to capture the presentation (aka what is projected on the projector) and audio during instruction.
    • Schedulers: Search for "06: Course Capture"
    • For more information, see the Presentation Recording section in the Course Capture service page
  • Classroom Consultations

Summer 2021 in-person Classroom Tech Support

  • Live Support Options: We are happy to be able to provide just-in-time support virtually via our new Live Chat offering on our website, as well as through the Virtual Helpdesk. We are not currently providing just-in-time in-person technology support due to COVID-19.
  • General Assignment Classroom Cleaning
    • Campus Facilities Services will be cleaning classrooms once per day
    • Cleaning supplies are available in the classrooms

Get Started with Classroom Tech Support

If you are new to campus, new to a classroom, or would like refresher on using classroom related technology, we can help.

Before the Start of the Semester

  • Once you receive your classroom assignment, visit our Classroom Database to review the equipment available in the room as well as user guides.

  • Schedule a classroom orientation to learn how to use the technology in your assigned classroom.  Please note we are not able to schedule orientations during the first 2 weeks of classes due to the volume of semester startup activities.

    • Not enough time? Check out our video tutorial on the left sidebar.

Assigned to a departmental space? We can still help. Schedule an orientation with us to learn the basics on how to setup your laptop/tablet for projection.

  • Click here for more infomation about Fall 2019 Semester Start Up information

During the Semester

  • Experience any issue? Give us a call and our staff can solve the problem and let you get back to teaching: 510-643-8637. You can also directly chat with us live from the widget at the bottom of this screen during our business hours.

  • Reporting an issue after the fact?  Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible: 

  • If you are teaching in one of our 4 major auditoriums, and you utilize our Course Capture service, you will have the option to hire a student camera operator.