Quick Rates

Berkeley AV Quick Rates

Commonly Requested Rates for Basic Berkeley Audio Visual Event Support

All items require labor for setup/pickup or operation of equipment. Labor charges will be calculated by Berkeley AV staff based on the needs of each individual event.

General Technical Support

Hourly Weekdays (8am-6pm) $89* (2 hour minimum)
Hourly Weekends / After Hours $89 (4 hour minimum)
Hourly Event Coordination Fee $108 (1 hour minimum)

*Overtime will be charged at one and one-half times this rate

Half Day Rate Daily Rate

Projection Equipment

Photo of LCD Projector LCD Projector (4-5k lumen) $65 $125
Photo of LCD Projector LCD Projector (6.5K lumen - short throw) NA $175
Half Day Rate Daily Rate


DVD Player DVD/Blu-ray Player $25
Half Day Rate Daily Rate


Open Laptop PC or Mac Laptop $25
Half Day Rate Daily Rate


Projector Screen Small:  4' x 5.5' $10
Large: 6' x 8" $15
Large 2-person set-up projector screen

7.5' x 10' Front

(requires 2 staff for set-up)

$90 $175




*requires 2 techs for setup/breakdown

Half Day Rate Daily Rate

Sound Systems

Wired Tabletop Microphone


(wired includes floor or table stand)

Wireless hand-held stick micLavalier or lapel mic attached to a person's shirt

Wireless Microphone System

(stick or lavalier)

$25 $50
PA (Public Address) Speaker

PA System - small

(1 speaker - up to 50 people)


PA System - medium

(2 speakers - up to 250 people)


PA System - large

(2 large speakers - up to 500 people)

Audio Sound Mixing Board

Sound Mixer

(gated 4 channel)

$25 $50

Sound Mixer

(3-4 channel)

$15 $25

Sound Mixer

(6 channel)

$25 $50
Audio Recorder Audio Recorder $45

Electric Vehicle

Campus Electric Vehicle $25 (per trip)

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