Feature Requests and Known Issues

bCourses Features

To modify the core functionality of bCourses, including features such as communications (announcements/inbox/discussions) and assessments (quizzes/assignments), UC Berkeley works with the product vendor, Instructure. UC Berkeley also convenes the Canvas Research Universities Peer Group, a community of large public and private R1 universities in the United States using Canvas. This group shares information about their experiences using Canvas in large universities, pools knowledge about the platform, and works collaboratively to escalate shared concerns and needs to Instructure. For more information about the Canvas Research Universities Peer Group, contact Noah Wittman (wittman@berkeley.edu)

UC Berkeley has developed local customizations for Canvas, allowing instructor and student data to synchronize between bCourses and the campus student information system, CalCentral. These locally-developed customizations include:

  • Create a Site
  • E-grades Export
  • Official Sections
  • Roster Photos
  • Course Capture (Webcasts)
  • Find A Person To Add

UC Berkeley manages these integrations, and requests about modifications or enhancements to these tools can be made by contacting the bCourses support team (bcourseshelp@berkeley.edu).

Bugs and Known Issues

When UC Berkeley becomes aware of technical issues in bCourses which must be resolved by the vendor, we work directly with Canvas to report them. Technical issues are prioritized by the vendor by the severity of impact, number of affected users, and possible workarounds that are available to prevent the issue from occuring. UC Berkeley tracks known issues reported by users and provides information on available workarounds. 

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