bCourses Roadmap

bCourses is UC Berkeley’s local brand for the Canvas learning management system (LMS). UC Berkeley licenses Canvas from Instructure, via the Internet2 consortium. UC Berkeley and Educational Technology Services are very active in the Canvas higher education community, and are committed to continuous service improvement of bCourses through ongoing work with our peers and the vendor.

Instructure releases new and enhanced features to Canvas every three weeks, outlined in its Release Notes. UC Berkeley summarizes and highlights important changes to Canvas on the bCourses website. We also submit Feature Requests directly to Canvas based on the feedback that we receive from instructors and students. All bCourses users can participate in this process by submitting their own feature requests directly to Canvas, or commenting and voting on ideas submitted by Canvas users from around the world.

In addition, UC Berkeley works locally on customizing the Canvas platform to meet the needs of our campus, through changes to default settings, custom tools linking campus systems with bCourses, and the integration of third-party tools and features. This work is documented in the Upcoming Projects section of our website.

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