What is Canvas?

February 13, 2013

ETS staff have received a steady stream of questions about Canvas, CalCentral and the longevity of bSpace.We'd like to answer a few of those questions here.

What is Canvas?

Instructure’s Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that ETS plans to pilot later this Spring and Summer. We see it as the eventual successor to bSpace course sites.

How is Canvas different from CalCentral?

Where Canvas is an LMS, CalCentral is a platform by which you will be able access Canvas, bSpace and many other applications that you use to navigate your life on campus. The goal for CalCentral is that you will be able to organize and personalize your online experience as much as possible; Canvas course sites will be one piece of that experience.

ETS is excited about piloting Canvas. Why? 

  • Canvas is an LMS with best-of-breed course site design, content authoring, and assessment tools.
  • Canvas is easy to use and affords greater customization by its users—instructors and students alike.
  • Canvas’ LTI connectors allow users to incorporate external tools.

 Several of our peer institutions have adopted or are piloting Canvas. We’re collaborating with them to learn its ins-and-outs and to share best practices.

What is ETS’ plan for Canvas and bringing it on to our campus?

ETS will begin piloting Canvas this summer, and will support expanded pilots in Summer and Fall 2013. We will announce this more broadly to faculty groups on campus so that a large number of instructors and departments can get involved in the pilot if they so choose.

Where can I find out more about Canvas?

You can send the ETS team questions or feedback. You can also learn more at: http://www.instructure.com/