Tips for Successful In-Class Presentations

April 24, 2013

Throughout the semester, students may be presenting materials or projects in class. To help facilitate this activity, here are some pointers that may help the technology run smoothly and efficiently.

Are you addicted to PowerPoint?


Organize the presentations ahead of time and designate one laptop to use for each session. You will save valuable class time hooking up one computer to your room’s projector rather than having each student bring their own.

If your students are using a Mac to present from, they must acquire the VGA adapter appropriate for their particular laptop. The most current adapter is provided in all GA classrooms. Other varieties are available at an electronics retailer such as Best Buy. ETS does not provide these adapters as a checkout item.


For playback of video, embedded or not, it is recommended that you reduce the file size to facilitate viewing in the classroom environment. A safe format is a 320x240 h.264 MOV file, which will play back using Quicktime player. If the presentation laptop uses Windows, Quicktime may need to be installed. This is a free download.

For play back of video from an Internet source such as YouTube, we strongly suggest downloading the video so that it will be played off the computer locally rather than over the network. Depending on AirBears or the campus network for video playback may result in choppiness or delays and should be avoided. Many tutorials are available on the Web for how to download video from sites like YouTube.


Arrange a time before the class to test the laptop connection and the presentation from the laptop that will be used. If non-standard fonts or embedded video are used, they will need to be transferred or included with the presentation.

All of the above tips can help your student presentations work seamlessly, saving class time and frustration. Of course, if you do run into problems, ETS is here to help. Email us your questions or request a consultation.

For urgent in class support, call (510) 643-8637, M-F, 8am-5pm