Spring 2017 Pilots and Trials: Ally, VeriCite, Gradescope, Google Apps integration

March 9, 2017

During Spring 2017, Educational Technology Services is evaluating and piloting some enhancements to bCourses developed by other organizations:

Ally (http://ally.ac)
The Ally accessibility checker integrates with bCourses files, and allows instructors and students to identify and remediate files and other course content that may not be fully accessible to students. UC Berkeley is evaluating Ally in collaboration with the UC Office of the President.

VeriCite (http://vericite.com)
VeriCite is an academic integrity and plagiarism detection tool, similar to Turnitin. UC Berkeley is evaluating how VeriCite could be used to support academic integrity in bCourses.

Gradescope (http://gradescope.com)
Educational Technology Services is working with Gradescope in hopes of simplifying and improving the roster sync process for the many UC Berkeley faculty already using Gradescope and bCourses.

Google Apps integration (https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-8732)
In early 2017, Instructure (the makers of Canvas) released new features to improve the process of integrating Google Apps tools with bCourses. ETS is evaluating these tools for functionality, in hopes of making these available within bCourses by Fall 2017.