[RESOLVED] Unscheduled bCourses outage, Th 8/10, 8:45a

August 10, 2017

UPDATE, 08/10/17, 9:13 AM:

Canvas engineers have implemented a fix allowing users to access Canvas. Users are now able to log in. For details, visit http://status.instructure.com/

If you continue to see the error message that was displaying during the outage, please try clearing your browser cache and history, quitting your browser application, and then re-opening it.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE, 08/10/17, 9:00 AM

bCourses has been unavailable due to an unscheduled outage experienced by the vendor, Canvas. They are working to resolve the issue. Status updates will be available at http://status.instructure.com/.

We will update this posting when the issue is resolved.