Resolved Service Alert, Friday, December 15: bCourses E-Grades Export error reports

December 15, 2017

On Friday morning, December 15, the bCourses team received reports about student grades in the E-Grades Export CSV not matching the student grades in the bCourses Gradebook. We took the E-Grades tool offline from approximately 11am-5pm to resolve these issues. These errors were caused by Canvas returning different data to the E-Grades tool than what is displayed to instructors and students in bCourses.

About 55 courses were impacted by this incorrect E-Grades data, and ETS has identified and contacted instructors of these courses to discuss the necessary steps to correct any inaccurate grades that may have been reported in CalCentral. If you have used the E-Grades Export tool in Fall 2017, please check your email for additional information.

Canvas has resolved the issue that caused the E-Grades Export tool to return incorrect data, and this tool is now available again to instructors. Although we believe this tool is now working as expected, we recommend that instructors check the E-Grades export file against their Canvas gradebook to ensure accuracy of student grades, before uploading these grades to CalCentral. Please email if you encounter anything that looks incorrect in E-Grade Exports, or have any questions regarding these errors.