[Resolved] Service Alert: bCourses "Add People" tool not working

April 1, 2017

Update, 04/05/17: The “Add People” tool has been fixed for Chrome and Firefox. There continues to be issues with the tool in Safari. Please use Chrome and Firefox if you need to manually add people to your course site, especially for manual bulk enrollments. The “Find a Person to Add” tool continues to work in all browsers for adding users one at a time to a course site.

Update, 04/04/17: As part of the system restart to fix the “Add People” tool, the following local bCourses tools will be unavailable Wednesday, April 5 from 6-7am:

  • Create a Site
  • E-grades Export
  • Official Sections
  • Roster Photos
  • Course Capture

This will not affect other tools or functionality in bCourses/Canvas. Please reach out to bcourseshelp@berkeley.edu if you have any questions or experience any issues related to this outage.

Original message, 04/01/17: The "Add People" tool interface is currently broken. ETS staff are working with Canvas to fix this issue.

In the meantime, you can still add someone to your course site using the "Find a Person to Add" tool, see screenshot below to see where you can access this feature from within the Add People screen.

For full instructions on using the Find a Person to Add tool, please see these instructions: Use the Find a Person to Add tool.

Screenshot of the add people tool highlighting the link to the "Find a Person to Add" tool at the top right corner of the dialog box