Registrar & ETS Support Wheeler Renewal Classroom Surge

September 12, 2016

For ETS, the Office of the Registrar, and other service teams on campus, the short summer months at Berkeley usually involve a rush of classroom maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and preparations before students returned for the Fall semester. This summer posed an additional set of challenges as teams worked to design and create seventeen “surge” classrooms to support the year-long closure of Wheeler Hall as part of the Wheeler Renewal project

Through July 2017 Wheeler Hall, the largest classroom building on campus, will remain closed while receiving important maintenance including roof repairs and building infrastructure improvements. The closure of this building required campus to find temporary places to hold the hundreds of classes that would normally utilize the building. Teams across campus worked diligently over the past eighteen months to identify the temporary classroom spaces, and find ways to make these temporary spaces function and feel as close to a normal campus classroom as possible. In close partnership with the Office of the Registrar, ETS participated in designing and installing AV-IT classroom technology including projectors and screens for these spaces.

One of the largest AV-IT challenges was to devise a way to transform the ASUC Martin Luther King Jr Student Union’s Pauley Ballrooms into a replacement for the 732 seat Wheeler Auditorium.  The team needed to ensure that a visual display solution for the space could be designed to allow viewing from all seats in this wide cavernous space. By working closely with the Registrar and ASUC teams, ETS also identified a way to set-up and take-down classroom AV-IT systems so Pauley Ballrooms can continue to be used as an event space when not in use as a classroom.

Throughout the year, ETS will continue to maintain the AV-IT for Pauley and the other temporary classroom spaces through its Classroom Technology Support team, while also continuing to support the more than 200 general assignment classrooms we already maintain. Instructors in any general assignment classroom on campus can contact the Classroom Hotline to request AV-IT support, chalk/whiteboard markers, or room maintenance including rubbish collection: (510) 642-2800

Pauley Ballrooms East and West with class in session

Pauley Ballrooms will act as a temporary replacement for Wheeler Auditorium through May 2017.

Pauley Ballrooms East and West set-up as a classroom

It takes teams 4 hours to set-up Pauley Ballrooms East and West as a classroom.