May 20: Canvas Commons and SuiteC available in bCourses course sites

May 2, 2016

At the same time as the release of the New UI in bCourses (, two new tools for teaching and learning will be enabled in all bCourses sites:

  • Canvas Commons: Developed by Canvas, Commons allows instructors to create their own learning object repository to more easily reuse course materials in other classes. Content placed into Commons can also be shared with an instructor's colleagues at UC Berkeley, as well as with instructors at Canvas-using institutions around the world. More information about Commons is available at:
  • SuiteC (formerly known as Collabosphere): SuiteC makes three new tools available for student collaboration -- Engagement Index, Whiteboard, and the Asset Library. The Asset Library ( allows students to upload and share material that they find around the Internet, and the Whiteboard ( lets students collaboratively "remix" this material to create connections between multiple primary and secondary sources. The Engagement Index ( allows instructors to automatically score student participation in the Asset Library, Whiteboard, and other course materials.

Instructors will find Commons in the left-hand navigation menu of the New UI, and will have the ability to add course content to Commons from popup menus throughout their own course site. SuiteC will be found in the course settings under Navigation; the SuiteC tools are available in all classes but hidden by default.

New workshops and training material about Commons and SuiteC will be available to instructors at the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester. The bCourses team is also available ( for consultations and to answer questions about these tools.