Introducing SuiteC

July 26, 2016

ETS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new set of tools for bCourses and partner schools using Canvas. SuiteC currently offers three tools that provide new user-friendly ways to increase and track student engagement with course materials by enabling students to contribute, discuss, and remix a wide variety of course-relevant content in new ways.

SuiteC is a home-grown service originally piloted as Collabosphere. The Collabosphere Project was a multi-year partnership among the University of California Office of the President (UCOP), University of California at Berkeley (UCB) faculty, and the ETS team to develop a set of online tools designed to increase and track student engagement and representing a visions by a pair of key faculty partners, Prof. Greg Niemeyer and Prof. Glynda Hull.

Instructors using at Berkeley using bCourses can choose to use one, two, or all three of the tools.

Asset Library

The Asset Library is a place where students can share materials and inspiration and discuss and engage with other students' contributions.


The Whiteboard offers users a digital canvas-like space where uploaded media, text, graphics, and more can be combined into something new to enhance students understanding and interaction with course materials.

Engagement Index

The Engagement Index provides insight into student participation and a leaderboard for tracking engagement.

Berkeley instructors looking to utilize SuiteC with their bCourses site can review the Instructors Getting Started Page and contact the bCourses support team for consultations and help.