iClicker Info For Fall 2018

July 31, 2018

Planning to use the iClicker system this fall? Here’s what you need to know:

New and experienced users invited to August 15th event

Join us for Using Classroom Response Systems to Encourage Student Engagement and Learning on Wednesday, August 15 from 11:30am to 1:30pm. The event will include lunch; please RSVP asap (it’s okay to rsvp at the last minute, but we may not be able to handle dietary restrictions).

First time users have a place to start

Check out our Clickers Instructors Getting Started Page which has information about how to obtain and use the necessary hardware and software. (Or scroll down on this page to see about additional support options.)

Are you merely curious about what it's like to use Clickers in your class, but not ready to commit for the entire semester? The Academic Innovation Studio can loan you a kit, including student clickers, for up to a week, so you can try it. If this interests you, see our Clickers Try-It Kit Request form.

Existing users should update to the current version

Instructors who have used the iClicker Classic (once known as “i>clicker”) system in the past should update to version 7.19. To do so, open your iClicker Classic (or i>clicker) application, select Help > Check for Update, and follow the prompts to update to the latest version. (Or see the iClicker help article “Check for Updates”.)

What’s been improved since 7.17 (the version most people used last academic year):

  • a new Question Detail Report that shows all answers for students in a single session

  • updated name sorting in the gradebook, allowing you to sort student names alphabetically by first name in addition to last name and which also fixes bug whereby names in all caps weren’t being alphabetized correctly.

  • you can make those unclaimed clicker ids appear at the bottom of your iClicker Gradebook rather than the top.

  • If you’re experiencing slow upload times, there’s a potential way to improve that; contact clickers@berkeley.edu to learn more.

For a comprehensive list of improvements and fixes in iClicker Classic, please see the release notes.

Remember to put your iClicker order in at the bookstore

To ensure that the bookstore stocks enough clickers, make sure you have included iClickers in your book order.

Clicker registrations will be cleared

All student iClicker registrations done in bCourses prior to May 4, 2018 will be cleared between August 16th and August 21st in order to hopefully avoid issues that occur when old clicker registrations conflict with current registrations. We’ll put an announcement in bCourses to tell students that they need to re-register their clickers for the fall, but you may need to remind them that re-registration is needed.

Mobile options for in-class participation

Instructors who would like to allow students to participate in their iClicker Classic polls using the iClicker Reef mobile app *may* be able to do so: See our KB article Mobile support for iClicker Classic

Note that ETS will continue to support iClicker Classic as the campus classroom response system standard; outcomes of a pilot program last spring indicated that campus wifi is not yet robust enough to universally support the use of iClicker Cloud, or likely any BYOD (Bring your own device) system. If you have a strong interest and/or suspect that iClicker Cloud is a better fit for your needs than iClicker Classic, you may want to test out the system, understanding that it is not fully supported by ETS; come talk to us about the risks and benefits (email clickers@berkeley.edu or schedule a Clickers consultation).

Support options for iClicker Classic users

  • In-person support for instructors: Schedule a consultation using our Consultation Calendar (select a “Clickers” appointment slot.) Consultations  take place in the Academic Innovation Studio (117 Dwinelle Hall); we can also do consultations remotely via Zoom or possibly phone.

  • One-on-one online training for instructors, with a support representative from the vendor:Schedule a training

NEW Clickers mailing list

If you want to receive Clickers-specific email in the future (with info about any updates to the iClicker software or ETS’ Clickers service), please sign up for our new mailing list, by joining the clickers-updates google group (make sure you are logged into google  with your @berkeley.edu address and not a personal gmail address when you try to join).
Use of this group will be limited to ETS announcements regarding software and service updates; for general discussion about classroom response systems and their use in teaching, please use