iClicker Info For Fall 2017

August 23, 2017

Are you an instructor planning to use the iClicker system this fall? Here’s what you need to know:

First time users have a place to start: Check out our Clickers Instructors Getting Started Page which has information about how to obtain and use the necessary hardware and software, as well as how to get support from ETS.

Existing users should update their software and turn on a new setting that impacts synching: Instructors who have used the i>clicker system in the past should update to version 7.14, which was released in early August. It takes less than a minute to update: simply open your iclicker application, select Help > Check for Update, and follow the prompts to update to the latest version. (Or see the iClicker help article “Check for Updates”.)

The most obvious change (which came with version 7.13, released earlier in the summer) is in the tool’s branding: the software you knew as “i>clicker” is now “iClicker Classic”. The company is using this new branding to differentiate between this system and their cloud-based offering, iClicker Cloud. (ETS does not currently support iClicker Cloud, though we will be looking into this system, as well as other similar systems, over the next year.)

The most significant change in the iClicker software, however, is a new setting, “Only sync remote registrations with your LMS” (newly available in version 7.14). We highly recommend that you turn this on, as it should simplify roster synching, particularly for those of you in large courses. The goal of this setting is to reduce the number of “partial matches” suggested during roster sync: iClicker will sync only with clicker registrations done in bCourses and thus will not be suggesting seemingly random students only because their names are similar to those in your bCourses roster. You'll find this setting on the Gradebook tab of Settings; refer to the ”Configure iClicker software” help article if you need help getting to the right screen.

Students may need to re-register clickers: All iClicker registrations done in bCourses prior to May 8, 2017 have been cleared in order to avoid issues that occur when the same clicker appears to be registered to multiple owners, which sometimes results in a previous clicker owner (typically one who has sold their clicker) being awarded clicker points. This clearing of the database is a new practice for ETS, so some students may assume that their previous registration still holds; a bCourses announcement to this effect has sent to all students on campus, but if you find (after you do a Sync Roster) that some students that don't appear to have a clicker, you may want to remind them that they should check the iClicker Registration tab in bCourses to see if they do have a clicker registered. 

If you plan to enable iClicker REEF (iClicker’s mobile solution, formerly REEF Polling), test it first: Please be aware that use of mobile devices as part of the iClicker system requires robust wifi capability. We cannot guarantee that all classrooms on campus will meet this requirement.  We strongly recommend that you give REEF a trial run for a week or so before committing to using the tool. When students create a REEF account they are automatically granted a 14-day free trial; make sure to warn your students to not purchase a REEF subscription until you have determined that REEF will function correctly in your classroom. (If you have successfully used REEF in a particular classroom, we’d love to hear about it, so we can let your fellow instructors know; email us at clickers@berkeley.edu.)

Remember to put your iClicker order in at the bookstore: To ensure that the bookstore stocks enough clickers, make sure you have included iClickers in your book order.

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