Gradescope Service Officially Launched

February 5, 2018

We are excited to announce the official launch of Gradescope as a campus-wide service beginning January 2018. The Gradescope tool designed to improve the grading workflow. Along with speeding-up the grading process, the tool provides richer and more consistent feedback to students as well as analytics for instructors and graders. The tool was conceived at UC Berkeley, and we are excited to be able to offer it to the campus community.

The fall 2017 semester was busy for the up-and-coming service as it worked through several campus-acceptance steps before becoming a fully launched service. The early part of the fall semester was built around sharing the tool in a soft-launch pilot. In September 2017, we hosted a training for instructors and GSIs using the tool for the first time. Representatives from Gradescope were on hand to walk new instructors through the tool, and share tips about how to get the most out of the tool.

In November, we hosted a faculty panel to hear from three instructors in Electrical Engineering, Statistics, and Chemistry about how Gradescope allows them to grade more consistently, save time and fit more into their syllabus, and give students a richer learning experience.

Finally, Gradescope was demoed for our Executive Steering Group, which is composed of faculty, staff, and student representatives. The ESG provided feedback that will help guide future implementation and growth of the service.

The service is now fully available across the campus and is supported via drop-ins, consultations, and other event programming.If you are interested in learning more about Gradescope, you can view the service page, schedule a one on one consultation, or contact us at