ETS Website Support Form Changes

February 8, 2017

Beginning the week of 2/13/2017 ETS will be making changes to our website support process as we continue to develop our partnership with CSS-IT.

Faculty, staff, and students will now be redirected to the CSS Support form as a replacement to the to our current Request Support/Give Feedback form. This will primarily impact the following services:

  • Academic Integrity (Turnitin)

  • bCourses & SuiteC

  • Clickers

  • Course Capture

  • Course Evaluations

Similar to the current ETS support form, users will be prompted to enter their CalNet/CAS credentials. The CSS support system, ServiceNow, will allow users to track the progress of requests and ask additional questions of the support team. Campus members may also continue to use service-specific emails such as to submit support requests.

Instructors seeking general assignment classroom support can continue to contact the Classroom Support Hotline: 510-642-2800

Users seeking support for Berkeley AV, Instructional Classroom Facilities, Instructional Equipment Checkout or other services are encouraged to reference the service’s homepage for additional details.

Campus guests without a CalNet identity seeking support will be prompted to contact