ETS to support i>clicker version 7 for Spring 2016 semester

December 14, 2015

Updated 1/14/2016

Some older white base stations will need a firmware update to work with version 7. If you obtained your base station prior to 2015, you’ll want to determine if you need this firmware update prior to running your first class. For details, see our Help article


Starting Spring Semester 2016, ETS will be supporting the latest, most stable version of the i>clicker software. All instructors  who wish to use i>clickers for their Spring 2016 classes will need to download this newest version (instructions below). No hardware changes are required: Instructors who have used i>clickers during recent semesters can continue to use their existing base and students will be able to continue to use their existing i>clicker devices.

Instructors Upgrade to Version 7

Additional guidance can be found on our Instructors Getting Started web page, highly recommended for first time i>clicker users, and a good review for existing i>clicker users.

Why the change?

We’ve consulted with our peers at other campuses and found that their instructors have had good experiences with version 7. We’ve done some testing here at Berkeley, as well, and have found no downsides. Version 7 has these advantages over version 6:

  • One application (with a somewhat improved user interface) that includes the functionality of both i>clicker and i>grader

  • A much simpler process for connecting i>clicker to bCourses. (No more access tokens or security keys! Simply log into bCourses using Calnet credentials.)

  • Ability to aggregate polling sessions into the bCourses Gradebook into one grade column.

  • i>clicker is committed to supporting version 7; they are no longer promising to support version 6.

Beginning next semester, our support of version 6 will be limited; we strongly encourage instructors to download version 7 as soon as possible. Our team will be available through December 23, 2015 and again beginning January 4, 2016 to assist instructors.

For additional support, contact us at