ETS plans bSpace Update for July 8th

June 3, 2013

On July 8th, ETS will update bSpace in order to ensure its stability for the next two years and to take advantage of new features developed by the Sakai community. This update to Sakai 2.9 is part of a larger project currently underway, aimed at improving the teaching and learning capabilities of the campus' LMS. You can read more about the LMS project here. Even as we determine which new LMS we'll use and what the rollout plan for the campus will be, ETS will make sure that bSpace remains reliable and useful for our 45,000 users. Below are the key changes to bSpace that will have the greatest impact on our users. Planned changes to bSpace Improved user interface: New interface design, including collapsible toolbar navigation with descriptive icons Ability to navigate directly to a tool from the site navigation bar Assignments: Instructors can submit an assignment on behalf of a student Forums: Enhanced statistics and grading features Word count for messages Easier to use permissions settings Options to duplicate forums and topics Languages: Ability to set a language different than the system default on a site level Quiz & Survey: A new matrix survey question type has been added New Tools ETS will also include an integration with iClicker in order to facilitate instructors' merging clicker data with other Gradebook data. How and where can you learn more? Starting July 11, we will be offering workshops and demos to walk our users through these changes. Sign up here to attend! And if you find yourself needing to know more before that, feel free to come by room 5 Dwinelle or submit a request for a consultation.