ETS’ Instructional Designers Offer New Workshops on Social Media

January 28, 2013

This semester two of ETS’ instructional designers are offering new workshops to meet the high demand for new media education. As faculty and students seek to use a growing list of new media technologies, Bobby White and Sage Adams are responding in new and creative ways.

New Media Seminar for Foreign Language Instructors

Since Fall 2011, Bobby White has offered a semester-length course to faculty and staff from several disciplines on the history and application of new media. This semester, she is collaborating with Berkeley Language Center (BLC) chairs and BLC postdoctoral fellow, David Malinowski, to deliver a modified version of that course—a 13-week seminar for foreign language instructors. Each week the course will focus on a pedagogical challenge faced by language teachers, and will include a separate hands-on lab devoted to learning tools and technologies that could help address that challenge. Only language instructors may officially enroll in this class; but the Friday hands-on labs will be open to the wider campus community provided that space is available.

Click here for registration information.  Or if you’re interested in learning more about the Friday sessions, please contact Bobby White directly at

Finally, if you're curious about the pedagogical application of social media but can't commit to regular meetings, you may also want to attend our Social Media Tuesdays—informal brownbag sessions for faculty and staff focused on social and new media tools. See the ETS website where we'll add upcoming topics.

Google Apps for Teaching and Learning

With the campus’ rollout of the Google Apps suite, Sage Adams has developed a series of workshops intended to get instructors up to speed on Google Docs and Google Drive so that they can maximize the tool for teaching and learning. Sage’s sessions, intended to complement those offered by IST, will focus on pedagogical use cases and best practices such as developing shared glossaries or setting up a collaborative student workspace. Sage's Google Docs/Drive workshops start in February. For more information, see the ETS Events Calendar.