[EMAIL] Clickers Update Fall 2017

August 23, 2017

This email was sent on 08/23/2017 to Clicker User Group Members

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Dear Clicker user:

Please take a look at our News article, which has information about the following:

The latest version of iClicker software, which has been rebranded as iClicker Classic and also has a new setting (that is not selected by default) that may make roster synching go more smoothly.

  • The need for students to register clickers, even if they registered in the Spring semester or earlier.
  • Our standard recommendations about REEF (for allowing students to use a fee-based mobile app rather than purchase a clicker), and putting in your order for clickers at the bookstore.
  • Support options for you and your students. Please note that we are requesting you send students to our online student resources to start, rather than directly to Moffitt library. (Our student troubleshooting guide does refer them to Moffitt, but as a last resort.)

We also want to give you a heads-up about our plans for the future: While we are not yet officially supporting any system other than iClicker Classic, we will be looking into mobile/cloud-based systems over the next year. If you are planning to use iClicker Cloud or some other response system on your own in the coming semester, or if you are simply interested in using other systems, we'd love to hear from you: please send email to clickers@berkeley.edu. We'll plan to reach out to you during the semester to get your input as we move forward.

Note that ETS recommends that most instructors continue to use iClicker Classic. This recommendation is based on student affordability issues--we don't want students to be required to purchase or license one brand of response system in one course and another brand in another course--as well as our desire to provide high-quality support.

Best of luck as you start the semester,

ETS Clickers Support Team