Course Evaluations Service Expands

June 28, 2016

Course Evaluations is excited to announce this summer we are adding both the Boalt School of Law and the College of Engineering to our list of participating departments. By fall 2016, the Blue Course Evaluations system will reach 65% of all student enrollments on campus across 35 academic units.

In 2008, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and Chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate charged a campuswide Task Force on Teaching Evaluations to make recommendations on improving evaluation process and practice, with a move to administering evaluations electronically included as one of several recommendations issued in their final report. The Online Evaluation of Courses (OEC) Initiative was instituted as a result. The initial pilots and research and review efforts were sponsored by the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and coordinated through a partnership between the Center for Teaching & Learning and Educational Technology Services (ETS).  During the fall 2013 semester, ETS introduced the Course Evaluations service. The tool selected after a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process was, Blue by eXplorance. Blue initially launched at Berkeley just with the Spanish and Portuguese and Statistics departments, but today serves a wide selection of academic units all over campus with additional units requesting access to the service each term.

Additionally, campus has committed to Blue by extending the current agreement through 2020. The extension of the agreement also reflects the integration of Course Evaluations into the new Student Information Systems (SIS) project. In coming semesters, students will see their notifications for evaluations appear in CalCentral, and academic units will continue to benefit as a planned integration with the campus Academic Personnel Report System (APBears) is also launched in an effort to further benefit units participating the service.