Course Capture Outage - Resolved (4/11)

April 4, 2019



YouTube has identified and fixed the issue that was preventing the posting of new course capture recordings.  All recordings made during the outage should be available.  We will be removing the workaround that was put in place during the outage.

4/5 4pm

The original YouTube issue is unresolved, but a workaround has been created to provide students with access to videos using bDrive and bCourses.

Beginning 4:00pm on 4/5 instructors and students will have access Course Capture recordings via a new folder added to impacted bCourses course sites. For instructions on how to access recordings published after 4/4, please visit

Videos captured before April 4 continue to be available through the usual YouTube interface. 


On Thursday, April 4th, Educational Technology Services (ETS) became aware that there was an issue with sharing newly recorded course capture videos. Because of this issue, no recordings have been posted since 8am, April 4th. This outage affects all Course Capture users. All previously posted recordings are still viewable. There is currently no ETA at this time.