Collabosphere Project Recognized for Learning Impact Award

June 13, 2016

The Collabosphere Project/SuiteC was nominated for a Global Learning Impact Award in late May 2016 for its work towards developing teaching and learning tools. Recognized in the category of “Blended Learning Optimization Products”, the nominations included groups across the world. The awards, hosted by IMS Global recognized schools, organizations, and businesses across the world.

The Collabosphere Project was a multi-year partnership among the University of California Office of the President (UCOP), University of California at Berkeley (UCB) faculty, and UCB’s  Educational Technology Services (ETS) team to develop a set of online tools designed to increase and track student engagement.

IMS Global Learning Consortium is an international organization that highlights and supports interoperability standards for learning technology by bringing together companies, k-college schools and institutions as well as government agencies and non-profits to share best practices.

Members of the Collabosphere/SuiteC team provided presentations at the conference on their work including the multi-location pilot and highlighted how user feedback and testing has continued to improve the tool set. ETS has been participating with IMS Global and related organization, EDUCAUSE, for several years to bring new ideas, partnerships, and techniques from across the world to campus.

Based on the feedback and interest, we will be offering SuiteC to all interested Berkeley instructors beginning Summer 2016. Check bCourses and watch for more information coming soon.