Clicker Instructors Email Fall 2016

August 16, 2016

This email was sent on August 16, 2016 to instructors who user Clickers (current, past, and prospective).

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Dear Clicker user (current, past, or prospective):

We’re contacting you to provide you with some service updates and make sure you are prepared for the semester. Please note the following:

If you haven’t used Clickers since last Fall: The version you were likely using fall 2015 or earlier is no longer supported. You will need to get version 7. Please follow the instructions at our Clickers Instructors Getting Started Page to ensure you have the hardware and software you need. For more information about the switch to version 7 last made spring 2016, see our news story about i>clicker version 7

If you are teaching in a new room or temporary space: Please plan to pay extra attention to ensuring that votes are being received, particularly if you are teaching in Pauley Ballroom or other temporary Wheeler Renewal Project surge spaces. We suggest that you instruct students to check their remotes when they vote with their i>clicker devices: No vote has been received if an i>clicker or i>clicker + user sees a red light, or if an i>clicker 2 sees a “No base” message. Contact us ( if you see significant numbers of students (particularly those in the back of the room) reporting that their votes aren’t being received.  

If you plan to enable REEF polling (i>clicker’s mobile solution): Please be aware that use of mobile devices as part of the i>clicker system requires robust wifi capability in the classroom in which you are teaching. We cannot guarantee that all rooms on campus will meet this requirement.  We strongly recommend that you give REEF a trial run for the first week or so of the semester. When students create a REEF Polling account they are automatically granted a 14-day free trial; make sure to warn your students to not purchase a REEF subscription until you have determined that REEF will function correctly in your classroom.

Reminder to put your i>clicker order in at the bookstore: To ensure that the bookstore stocks enough clickers, make sure you have included i>clickers in your book order.

Support options:

  • In-person support for instructors: ETS is now providing instructor support for Clickers out of the Academic Innovation Studio, 117 Dwinelle Hall. Basic drop-in support is available from 9-5 on weekdays. Or schedule a consultation to review your specific needs. To schedule a consultation, please use our consultation calendar and select a “Clickers” appointment slot. 

  • Student Support: Students requesting help with their i>clickers should be directed to the 1st Floor Moffitt Computer Facility.