Browser extensions may be stalling bCourses assignment uploads

February 13, 2017

Update, February 24: Canvas reports that users who update their LastPass plugin to the latest version will not experience these upload errors. If you still encounter problems with assignment submission, please check that your plugins have been upgraded to the latest versions.

There is a known issue with the third-party plugin, LastPass, that is causing assignment uploads in Canvas to stall.

When a student submits an assignment with the LastPass extension installed on their browser, the file is uploaded (i.e. it appears in User Files, under "Files you have already uploaded"), but the "Submit Assignment" button stays grayed out and the submission never appears in SpeedGrader.

Other plugins/extensions that might potentially cause similar issues are Boomerang, or adblocking software such as uBlock.

Here are the workarounds for students who experience this issue:

  • Disable the extension
  • Log into bCourses using an incognito window or a different browser altogether
  • Reload the assignment page and select the desired file from the "Submissions" folder from User Files (see video example here [no audio]: