Berkeley AV Adds Captioning to Video Services

September 13, 2016

Berkeley AV and Berkeley Video are proud to announce we will be adding captions to all videos we produce this fall in our continued effort to uphold a culture of inclusion and meet the University of California’s IT Accessibility Policy.  Not only will adding captions make your videos more accessible to those with hearing impairments,  it will make the dialogue in your content more easily understood by everyone.  This is especially beneficial in our increasingly global environment at UC Berkeley.  

For our customers, the process is seamless.  After the video has been recorded and edited, our off-campus partner, who specializes in captioning, will create the captions and add them to the video with no delay to the overall process. Customers will see a price increase for this additional service, but we have been able to control the cost by negotiating with a vendor to provide this important service for all videos we will produce going forward.

This decision is part of a larger initiative within ETS to review its services to better understand how to best uphold a culture of inclusion across all of our offerings and meet the University of California’s IT Accessibility Policy

“The University of California is committed to providing an electronic environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.”

-University of California electronic accessibility site