bCourses Updates: June 6, 2016

June 7, 2016

Here are highlights of some of the improvements made to Canvas over the last month. This is all in addition to the new tools and user interface that the bCourses Team enabled in May, which you can learn more about in this article: bCourses Updates and Enhancements.

New Features (Highlights)

Groups Page Updates

From the Canvas release notes: The Groups page design has been redesigned to incorporate the styles used in the Dashboard. The page displays all group details in a column format for easier readability. This change mostly affects the new Canvas UI; the legacy UI design only adds page headings to show each column type.

Note: Currently the Groups page does not display course nicknames.


Updates (Highlights)

Admin Roles and Course Quizzes

From the Canvas release notes: Users with an admin role are able to take a quiz if they are enrolled in a course as a student. However, if an admin is not enrolled in a course as a student, the admin can only preview the quiz.

This change resolves a fixed bug in Canvas: When an admin was enrolled in a course as a student, the admin permission would override the student permission and would not allow the admin to take a quiz. Admins were only able to preview quizzes, which affected admins who were enrolled in courses for training purposes. Canvas code has been updated to allow admins enrolled as students in a course to take quizzes as a student.

“Move” icon replaced in Files

From the Canvas release notes: The Files toolbar includes an updated Move icon. Functionality has not been affected.

Screenshot of new Move icon in Files

Fixes (Highlights)

Students and Non-editable Calendar Events

From the Canvas release notes: Students cannot drag course events to another date in the Calendar.

Explanation: When a student tried to drag a course event to another date in the Calendar, the course event would move to the new date but would disappear. After a page refresh, the event would reappear in the original date. Canvas code has been updated to not allow students to drag non-editable course events; personal events can still be changed by dragging the event in the Calendar.

For the full explanation of new features, updates, and bug fixes in Canvas- known at UC Berkeley as “bCourses”- please see Instructure’s May 14, 2016 and June 4, 2016 Canvas Production Release Notes. Please note: some New or Updated Features in Canvas might not be implemented or applicable in bCourses. Contact us if you have any questions about any of these features and how to use them in your course