bCourses Updates: January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016

Collabosphere Pilot

Interested in piloting a new bCourses tool that allows for peer-to-peer engagement, collaboration, and media curation? Please contact John Scott (jmscott212@berkeley.edu) if you are interested in participating in the Spring 2016 pilot.

You can learn more about this tool by going to the Collabosphere Project web page.

New Features

International SMS Notifications

From the Canvas release notes: Canvas offers SMS notification support to users outside the United States. Cellular numbers for can be added in a user’s profile. Unlike in the United States, international carrier details are not required as part of the communication setup.

Screenshot of International SMS Notification setting

Fixes (highlights)

Muted Assignments and Assignment Group Totals

From the Canvas release notes: Muting an assignment does not factor the score into an assignment group.

Explanation: When an instructor muted an assignment in a course with assignment groups, the score of the assignment was appearing as part of the associated assignment group. This behavior occurred because the page cache was overriding the muted assignment status and refreshing the grades. Canvas code has been updated to hide muted scores in assignment groups.

Non-favorite Courses and Concluded Status

From the Canvas release notes: When a user has set up favorite courses, non-favorite courses only display in the concluded menu if they are concluded. (For instructions on how to customize your course menu, please see this Canvas guide: How do I customize my Course list?

Explanation: When a user set up favorite courses, non-favorite courses displayed in the Concluded courses menu. This behavior occurred because of misclarification in the code regarding the definition of complete courses. Canvas code has been updated to clarify code regarding term dates and end at dates and only display truly concluded courses in the Concluded menu.

Quizzes and Course End Date Settings

From the Canvas release notes: Instructors can view quiz results in concluded courses.

Explanation: When an account enabled the Restrict Students from Viewing Quiz Questions after Course End Date option, instructors and TAs with concluded enrollments were also restricted from viewing quiz results in both the quiz and SpeedGrader. This behavior occurred because the restriction was not verifying multiple permissions to review grades. Canvas code has been updated to allow users to view quiz questions if they have grading permissions.

For the full explanation of new features, updates, and bug fixes in bCourses (Canvas), please see Instructure’s January 9, 2016 Canvas Production Release NotesPlease note: some New or Updated Features in Canvas might not be implemented in bCourses.