bCourses Updates and Enhancements

May 20, 2016

On May 20, bCourses was updated to offer new features to the UC Berkeley campus, along with a new interface and logo:

  • New User Interface (UI): The New UI in bCourses replaces the previous Recent Activity newsfeed on your bCourses homepage with a grid of colored tiles representing your current enrollments. (Users who prefer the Recent Activity newsfeed can toggle back to this option.) This change brings current enrollments to the forefront of the bCourses user experience, and provides direct links to course content including Announcements, Discussions, Files, and Assignments. The New UI was developed by Canvas, and UC Berkeley was required to migrate to this interface by July 2016. See our FAQ article to help orient yourself to the new dashboard: New bCourses User Interface (UI) - FAQs

  • New Logo: Along with the New UI in bCourses, a new logo was developed at UC Berkeley to provide consistent branding throughout the system. This change was required due to the use of square logos in the New UI.

  • Canvas Commons: Developed by Canvas, Commons allows instructors to create their own learning object repository to more easily reuse course materials in other classes. Content placed into Commons can also be shared with an instructor's colleagues at UC Berkeley, as well as with instructors at Canvas-using institutions around the world. More information about Commons is available at: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2046.

  • SuiteC (formerly known as Collabosphere): Developed by Educational Technology Services to support, increase, and track student engagement and collaboration, SuiteC offers a new student-centered means to organize and share course content, such as PDFs, videos, and other media, while incorporating social features such as commenting and liking, SuiteC is made up of three tools: Engagement Index, Whiteboard, and the Asset Library.

Workshops covering all these new features will be offered by ETS beginning in August 2016. Before then, ETS staff is available to answer basic questions about these new features by email (bcourseshelp@berkeley.edu), phone (510-643-2571, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) or in the new Academic Innovation Studio (117 Dwinelle Hall, Level D, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). The bCourses team is also available for scheduled consultations with instructors interested in getting started with these new features in their Summer or Fall 2016 course sites.