Accessible Course Content Resources Website Launched

November 16, 2016

A new resources hub for creating accessible online course content is now available to the campus community. The site was officially launched October 2016 as a tool to assist anyone on campus creating digital course content. The site offers help resources, training, guidelines and best practices.

The  project to create the site kicked-off in Mid-2015 after cross-campus groups identified a need to create a unified location for resources for the campus community. Instructors, course designers, and experts from ETS, Disabled Students Program, Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education (BRCOE), IS&T Web Access Team, and the Library came together to discuss the best ways to help content creators and managers update or begin a course with accessibility in mind. As parts or entire courses have moved into the digital sphere our campus expectation of accessibility standards has also expanded, and access to digital content for all course users has become a key focus for campus. As part of the larger Universal Design for Learning course pedagogy approach, the new accessible content recommendations the team is introducing centers around removing barriers to the use of digital. Content such as text documents, data sets, tables, and spreadsheets should be as accessible to screen readers and other assistive technology as the websites they are hosted on. The new website will provide tools, guidelines, and resources for anyone who is updatindor creating a course.

Instructors and students are encouraged to review and bookmark the website as the campus resources for creating and reviewing accessible course content. Members for participating units are committed to updating and maintaining the website to ensure the most accurate information is available. In addition, members of the campus community can email the team for additional support or to provide feedback: