2016-2017 Academic Year: New Content Retention and Course Access policies

May 11, 2016

During Spring 2016, ETS has been working with stakeholders including the Academic Senate and our departmental Executive Steering Group to begin planning the implementation of new policies about content retention and policy in bCourses and other ETS platforms. These proposed policies include:

  • Six-year content retention policy for course sites in bCourses
    • Instructors will have the ability to request that course sites be archived for retention of course materials and student records after six year
  • Automatically placing bCourses course sites into a read-only mode after the end of each semester
    • Instructors will have the ability to override these settings, restoring full access to students or disabling student access to course sites

These policies will be finalized and implemented during the 2016-2017 academic year.