Berkeley AV - UC Berkeley Events on YouTube Submission Form for Single Videos

A valid Project ID Number provided to by ETS is required by this form. Please make sure to click on the form SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page. A confirmation message will appear on screen, letting you know that your information was successfully sent.

Before completing this form, please make sure that you have submitted copies of all signed media releases to ETS. ETS is not authorized to publish content to any UC Berkeley online media channel without a signed agreement from the presenter(s). Please check here for blank forms and information regarding the University's copyright policy. Signed forms may be emailed as PDF attachments to

By submitting this form, you are indicating your approval of the finished video, confirming your intent to publish content to UC Berkeley on YouTube, authorizing ETS to publish your content online, and confirming that you have secured the necessary permissions to make the content public in accordance with University policy. The information you provide will be used to format the title and description (metadata) for a YouTube video submitted to or produced by Educational Technology Services (ETS). This form can be used to submit information for one (1) video. You will receive a confirmation by email containing the YouTube link(s) when the publishing process is complete.

Thank you for sharing your event with our global academic community!

Note: This form requires CalNet authentication; use Login link at bottom of page. You also need to log out of any other google accounts. If you still can't access the form below, please go directly to our Google form.