Li Ki Shing 0245

Additional Information

Activities Supported in This Room: 

  • Camera Recording
  • Video Projection
    • Computer Display
    • HDMI or VGA Input Display
    • Auxiliary Video Display
    • DVD Playback
    • Document Camera Display
  • Audio Amplification via Wired and Wireless Microphone 
  • Course Capture Capable (Video, Screen, and Audio)
  • Video Conference
    • USB Input for Classroom Camera/Microphone/Speaker

Equipment in Room

To request portable equipment, please visit our Classroom Technology Equipment Request Form.



Equipment Usage Instructions

Blu-ray DVD Deck


Classroom A/V Equipment Instructions w/HDMI

* Note: 2 sources may be displayed at once in this room

Computer Input


Touch Control Panel


VGA+audio cable with Mac adapter


HDMI cable with Mac adapter


Auxiliary Video Input


Wireless Lavalier Microphone Lectern

Using a Wireless Lavalier Microphone

* Notes: The system needs to be turned on first for wireless mic to work; wireless mic is stored in pulled down cubby

Wired Microphone Lectern
USB Input for Classroom Camera/Microphone/Speaker Lectern To be written Video Conferencing Instructions
Document Camera In classroom

Using a Document Camera Cart

Using a Document Camera in your classroom (Video)

Accessibility Information

Display Information

  • High resolution data/video projection 16:9
  • Native display resolution: 720p

Network Information