Service Management and Oversight

ETS utilizes two key tools to help develop and direct our services and projects.

Service Level

(Service Level describes what you can expect from our services.)

Service Level



You have open access to use the service or system. We have personnel available to help if you have  questions or need minor tweaks made.


We help you adapt the system or service to your needs. We are available for one-on-one consultations and workshops, or to coordinate the appropriate resources to help you accomplish your goals.


Tell us what you want and we will get it done.


IT Service Management is a technique to help guide IT units in deploying and maintaining services and products with a focus on customer/user driven decision making. ETS is integrating ITSM tools into our daily workflow as well as participating in campus-wide ITSM projects and practices through the One IT initiative and the Reimagining IT Strategic Plan.


IT Governance is the principal of steering for user-driven advisory groups who can help provide guidelines, input, and drive decisions about impact and use of resources. ETS particpates in both the campus-wide IT Governance body, as well as our own User Advisory Group (UAG). These two groups comprised of users and key stake-holders help us evaluate changes in our process or services that potentially impact campus.