Rates Overview

ETS provides services for the support of academic courses, special events, and other communications technology needs of the campus. Some services are also available to the general public.

See current ETS Rates.

Support of Berkeley Courses (Free and Subsidized Services)

Educational Technology Services provides free or subsidized technology support for courses listed in the UCB schedule of classes. Under the guidance of the Campus Committee for Classroom Planning and Management and the Educational Technology Committee, ETS uses University funding to most efficiently support courses, offering most basic services free and other services at subsidized recharge rates.

Free for all faculty and instructors:

  • ETS Training Programs

Basic free services for credit bearing Berkeley classes taught in general assignment classrooms:

  • Use of technology classrooms - data projection, Ethernet, laptop ready, VHS video (DVD in most rooms)

  • Projectors and other portable equipment for loan

  • Teleconferencing

For all credit bearing Berkeley courses:

  • Consultation sessions on use of technology in teaching

  • Assistance with bCourses

  • Consultation sessions on design of specialized course websites

Copay services for classes, partially paid by department or grant, partially paid by ETS:

  • Can be supplemented by Classroom Technology grant program

  • Delivery and set-up of classroom equipment

  • Teleconferencing and satellite downlinks

  • Video origination of classes for webcast, tape or disk

  • Audio production

  • Course web site production services

  • Design and implementation of specialized course websites

  • Scanning of multiple slides and print images

  • Production of video for classes

  • Custom extensions of course web site capability

Support of Non-Instructional Campus AV Technology Needs (Fee for Service)

Educational Technology Services offers all of its services to the UCB community under the recharge system. Fees cover ETS's cost for providing services. A fee is charged for equipment use and staff time for special events and non-course instruction, including public ceremonies, student, and staff activities. Fees are also charged for teleconferencing, webcasting, video production, website design and production, and consulting on technology design and installation.

Non-University Affiliated

ETS services are available for organizations that are not affiliated with the University of California.  These services will incur an additional surcharge. Contact us for off-campus rates.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard and departmental chartstrings.  Due to administrative full costing charges, payments via check will incur a 7% processing fee.  Payments via credit card will incur an additional 2% fee.