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ETS Administrative Front Desk: 510-643-9040

ETS Support Front Desk: 510-643-8637

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Org Chart includes all areas of Research, Teaching, and Learning including ETS. 

ETS Staff Directory

Chief Academic Technology Office and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teaching & Learning Area


Jenn Stringer
Chief Academic Technology Office and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teaching & Learning
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April Irwin
Administrative Manager | 510-664-4483
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Acting Director's Area

Acting Director

Meggan Levitt Staff Photo                                 Meggan Levitt                                                                                                             
Acting Director | 510-664-7513
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Berkeley Audio Visual and Berkeley Video


Airdri Stoddart
Manager | 510-812-7603

Jon Schainker staff photo

Jon Schainker
Business Relationship Manager | 510-507-2416
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Alex Ouyoung
Events Tech | 510-292-0428

Elana Pereira
Events Tech
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Scott Vento
Post Production Supervisor | 510-847-1682                                 
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Dorothy Wang
Events Tech | 510-365-4688
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Kevin Hogan
Assistant Event Coordinator | 510-631-1405

Customer Experience

Jean Cheng Head Shot

Jean Cheng
Program Manager, Academic Innovation Studio| 510-725-2766
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KALX Radio


Sandra Wasson                                                                                                                
General Manager | 510-642-1189
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Lena Ghazarian
Operations Coordinator | 510-642-1111
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Greg German
Systems Admin/Engineer | 510-847-2148

Project Management

Vanessa K Head shot Vanessa Kaskiris                                                                                                   
Technical Project Manager |
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Teaching and Learning Services

Noah Wittman staff photo Noah Wittman                                                                                                                                    
Manager | 510-981-9185
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Judy Stern staff photo Judy Stern
Clickers and DIY Media Service Lead | 510-812-7594
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Steven Williams staff photo Steven Williams
bCourses and Academic Integrity Service Lead | 510-225-8276
Mile Lincoln head shot Miles Lincoln
Course Evaluations Service Lead
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Programming and Design Group

Associate Director


Oliver Heyer                                                                                                                                    
Associate Director | 510-529-5177
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Analysis & Design

Flint Hahn Staff Photo

Flint Hahn                                                                                                              
User Experience Design
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*Temporarily Assigned to SIS Project                          

Application Programming

John Crossman                                                                                                        
Application Programmer

Ray Davis
Senior Developer | 510-642-8581
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Paul Kerschen
Application Programmer | 510-325-6934

Steven Williams staff photo

Sandeep Jayaprakash
Application Programmer | 510-847-3241

Quality Assurance

Paul Farestveit staff photo Paul Farestveit                                                                                                        
Quality Assurance                                                 

Teaching & Learning Spaces and Operations

Associate Director

Owen McGrath                                                                                                  
Associate Director
Teaching and Learning Spaces and Operations | 510-847-6679

Design and Engineering

Andrew Murray                                                                                               
Manager | 510-847-8659

Steven Johnson
AVIT Engineering

James Fong
Systems Administration 510-447-0497

Vince Barma headshot

Vince Barma
Audio Visual Technician | 510-542-1155 
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Systems Administration

Kevin Chan                                                                                                       
Manager 510-812-9697
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Timothy Faircloth
Systems Admin 510-847-8691

Jonathan Felder
Systems Admin 510-220-5269

Greg German
Systems Admin | 510-847-2148

Darlene Kawase
Systems Admin | 510-332-0972
Anthony Vann
Systems Admin | 510-847-2956

Technology Spaces


Airdri Stoddart 
Manager | 510-812-7603

Nga (Willa) Chan
Instructor Liaison | 510-643-6248

Natalie Montanez staff photo

Natalie Montanez
Classroom Technology/Help Desk Analyst

Ezra Daly Headshot Photo Ezra Daly
Interactive Video Specialist | 510-812-7600
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Tim Gotch
Digital Media Support | 510-220-5193
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Devon Harris headshot Devon Harris
Instructional Technology Operations Specialist