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Org Chart includes all areas of Research, Teaching, and Learning including ETS. 

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ETS Staff Directory


Owen McGrath                                                                                                   
Director | 510-847-6679

Berkeley Audio Visual and Berkeley Video


Airdri Stoddart
Manager | 510-812-7603

Jon Schainker staff photo

Jon Schainker
Business Relationship Manager | 510-507-2416
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Alex Ouyoung
Events Tech | 510-292-0428

Elana Pereira
Events Tech
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Scott Vento
Post Production Supervisor | 510-847-1682                                 
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Kevin Hogan
Assistant Event Coordinator | 510-631-1405


Gwendal Pointeau
Audio/Visual Production Technician

Design and Engineering

Andrew Murray                                                                                                
Manager | 510-847-8659

Steven Johnson
AVIT Engineering

James Fong
Systems Administration | 510-447-0497

Greg German
Educational Technology Specialist | 510 847-2148

Vince Barma headshot

Vince Barma
Audio Visual Technician | 510-542-1155 
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Timothy Faircloth
Systems Admin 510-847-8691

Nga (Willa) Chan
Course Capture Improvement/Streaming Media Lead | 510-643-6248

Technology Spaces


Airdri Stoddart 
Manager | 510-812-7603

Natalie Montanez staff photo

Natalie Montanez
Instructional Technology Supervisor

Photo of Nich Caldwell

Nicholas Caldwell 
Instructional Technology Operations

Ezra Daly Headshot Photo Ezra Daly
Interactive Video Specialist | 510-812-7600
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Tim Gotch
Digital Media Support | 510-220-5193
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Kelly Chang
Classroom Technology Help Desk Coordinator