About ETS


ETS enhances and supports the UC Berkeley academic experience by providing essential, responsive and innovative technology services.

Strategic Principles

ETS uses the following principles to guide decisions, resource allocation and planning:

  • Be a responsive service organization with clearly defined and aligned service portfolio

  • Be a great campus partner and demonstrate our value to stakeholders

  • Achieve a strategic balance between enterprise and targeted services

Communities & Partners

ETS believes in open partnerships, communities, and systems. As a member of Research, Teaching and Learning, we strive to create collaboration points across campus and across higher education to improve user experience and better support teaching and learning. Partners include:

Berkeley Library

Digital Humanities Project

bConnected/Content and Collaboration

Student Affairs IT (SAIT)

Office of the Registrar

ETS 2016-2017 Goals

Goals Status Report. Updated Quarterly

*Last updated October 24, 2016